Open source route planning for .NET
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Route planning for .NET

Itinero is a project built on top of and for .NET using C#. Its main goal is to enable fast and efficient route planning in .NET.

Logistical Optimization

Itinero finds its origins in logistical optimization: route planning used to plan distribution or pickup and delivery for different commodities.

Advanced routing

It's possible to use Itinero as a library in any .NET project. This enables 100% customizable, advanced route planning to accommodate even very specific needs.

Intermodal route planning

Using data from transit companies or bike sharing systems, Itinero can calculate intermodal/multimodal routes or analytics about a certain location.

It's our job to help you or your company with any Itinero-related projects. Contact us for more information or visit us on GitHub.


Some completed projects to give you an idea of what Itinero can do.

Analytics Tools

Simple network analysis tools.

Bike Sharing

Intermodal routing using a bike sharing system.

Transit Heatmap

A heatmap showing a timerange.

Intermodal Route Planning

Intermodal route planning website for train and bus transit.

Offline routing

Offline routing on mobile devices using Xamarin.

Newspaper Delivery

A logistical optimization project for newspaper delivery.


Latest news!

Introducing the Optimization Module

The Itinero project originally started as a logistical optimization project for newspaper delivery. We built a new and improved version on top of the current routing core. In this first version we support routes for one vehicle at time, check out the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) for more information. We use a combination of Genetic Algorithms, local search and Guided Neighbourhood Search to get good results very fast.

Stable release

We have released v1.0 of Itinero! Get it now via nuget or check github. We are very proud of this and we tried to limit features to get to v1.0 fast but we could have done better, this release contains a lot of new stuff when comparing with the state of the project back when it was called OsmSharp.


We’ve released a first version of an OpenLR encoder/decoder based on Itinero. Check the MIT-licensed code in the repository on GitHub!


Itinero started out as OsmSharp and was able to grow thanks to OpenStreetMap!

  • 2009–2014


    Itinero started as part of the OsmSharp project, a .NET library for OpenStreetMap.

  • December 2015


    OsmSharp was doing too much for one project. At this point Itinero was born with a focus on route planning alone. We believe that a project focused on one goal can be managed better and delivers a higher quality of service.

  • September 2016

    A project all grown up!

    Nowadays, Itinero is an open-source project that is fully financed by sponsored development and receives contributions of a growing community of volunteers.

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